Oh wow!  My name is Nicolle Brown and I have been a freelance
designer for the last ... over 8 years now.  Most of those years were
doing projects on the side when time and life permitted.  When my
"day job" of 11 years ended, I was given an opportunity to set a new
course.  Now, I am spending my days working at a career I adore and
I am available when my son gets home from school - which means
the world to me.

I stumbled onto this new path back in 2006 when I was approached
to design my first website (not my own - go figure).  All I was told
was, "I need a website."  I had absolutely no clue how to do it - had
never done anything remotely like it, but I was bound and
determined to try.  It took me what seemed like an eternity, but my
first (and still) client has been very impressed with most of the work
that I have created for her ever since.  I have designed various
publications (fliers, brochures, business cards and book marks), but
my design love stems from book covers and websites that I have
brought to life.  Please check out my Portfolio page to see some of
what I have created so far.
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